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NEW – FUP Special Branch


After the raging success of the famous fry up police grease slating group we have just kicked off a brand new Facebook group called the FUP Special Branch which has a very similar brutal edge to the Fry Up Police group but here, you can post any food you like as long as you’ve eaten it!

If you can handle the heat, get in the kitchen I reckon.


1) Posting anything other than pictures or video of food that YOU HAVE EATEN will incur an instant BAN.
2) Abuse welcomed whole heartedly however make it personal, instant BAN with no chance of redemption.
3) All food bought from restaurant/pub/cafe/snack van etc MUST tag the establishment and state the price or be BANNED.
4) Anyone using any sort of filter whatsoever to try to ‘sex up’ their food pic will incur an instant BAN. Cunt Filters are unacceptable.
5) Members who cry ‘BAN’ will be BANNED. Nobody likes a grass.
6) NO FUCKING ADVERTISING. Don’t be a cunt.
8) Any sexist, racist or homophobic remarks will get you an instant ban and it also makes you look like a gigantic fucking bell end. It’s boring, humourless and unwelcome.
9) Bad taste jokes.
If you are stupid enough to think that making jokes about down syndrome, AIDS, ebola, periods and abortions etc are funny, then you do not have the intellect or wit to be a part of this group so please, fuck off.
10) BANNING. If you fall foul of this (which is pretty fucking likely) you will have a chance of reinstatement by sending a ‘selfie’ to an admin/FUP page holding a hand written grovelling sign stating why we should allow you back in.
11) NO FUCKING FRY UPS. We’ve seen enough fucking fry ups to last ten billion light years. You know where to go for that! (Professor Mugford rule).
12) ROAST DINNERS. Awesome, but ONLY TO BE POSTED ON SUNDAYS. Posting any other day of the week will get you banned.
NOTE: Admin write the rules. It doesn’t mean they have to abide by them. Don’t ever forget that this is NOT A DEMOCRACY.
This group is not suitable for children or the faint of heart, by joining the group you are aware and accepting of potentially brutal criticism at every opportunity. That is the nature of the beast and why ppl love it so do not expect any sympathy when you post a picture of a fucking parsnip then someone calls you a cunt.



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