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Lane Farm’s Brundish bacon is boss.


Dry cured smoked back and streaky bacon, in my humble opinion, is the absolute pinnacle of the bacon game. This is something that Ian, Sue, Sarah and Rebecca from Lane Farm in Brundish of Suffolk have got down to a fine art. Unlike a fine piece of steak, bacon requires slightly more attention to get it cooked perfectly and to your own personal taste. With the Lane Farm dry cured bacon I’ve found it to be the most consistent in terms of frying, giving that the rind will crisp up beautifully leaving the meat juicy and free of the dreaded watery white scum!

This is highly recommended and has a massive seal of approval from the FUP.


Lane Farm, Smoked Awesomeness!


Top tip: They also do a range of other amazing porky treats including sausages, salami and chorizo, and it’s all as good as the bacon!




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