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Whitey’s Bad Boy Jerk for the hot sauce win.


Ever since his first taste of true Jerk from a roadside drum in Negril (Brixton) c1992, Whitey has been perfecting his skills in Jerkology and mastering the ways of Jerk Rubs and Hot Sauces. His quest has taken him from that roadside in Negril to deepest South London (Herne Hill to be exact) via Portland Bay, New Cross, Treasure Beach, Notting Hill and Thornton Heath – the true bastions of Scotch Bonnet and Pimento.

This sauce never lasts long in my house and sufficiently sexes up up pretty much any plate of savoury goodness you add it to. It’s hot, but not so hot that you can’t taste anything else and the flavours of red pepper and chilli really punches through quite delightfully.

Check it out for yourself here!






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