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Slow Richie’s




Mouth watering business this.

We discovered Slow Richie’s through their Instagram account by being bowled over by there incredible food pics. A friendship was struck and we were left with no choice but to taste some of their food.

I’m not going to bang on about it though, go taste it yourselves!


Slow Richie’s is a Peckham based Street Food Kitchen run by brothers Richie and Alex Calver. We serve up Burgers, BBQ’d meats and more to our little corner of South East London.

On our menu you’ll find food packed with flavour, the sort of Street Food that we like to eat when we’re out enjoying time and a few drinks with friends and family.

We like a kick to our food and you’ll find that in the food we serve. We make our own sauces and can’t help but add a little bit of spice here and there to the dishes we create.

We are proud to be Peckham residents, love what is going on in Peckham and work closely with and support other local independent businesses, as it should be.




Top tip: Catch them on the right day and this might be on the menu:





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