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Titus Balsac reporting live from Wilsongrad – 25.11.2016





Dispatches from Wilsongrad indicate further conflict and problems of trade and diplomacy could be close at hand.

Sources have given troubling reports that-self styled Supreme Leader Yeah Wilson has dismissed the democratically elected High Council and has declared an amnesty on the use of avocado on a cooked breakfast. Our sources reported that Yeah Wilson also used the words “This is not a democracy” in his radio speech, plagiarism of the key values of the Fry Up Police.

This so-called “avocado advocacy” comes in the wake of a series of power-play moves which include sanctions on the import of white pudding and a worrying build up of grapefruit farms on our eastern frontier.

Unconfirmed reports that the replacement of the fried egg with one steamed on the Wilsongrad flag is imminent are also raging.

Fry Up Police reminds its citizens to remain diligent, and that both avocado and grapefruit upon a breakfast will require immediate punishment, namely an elaborate bean Splosh. The Administrators are also discussing the introduction of “Dickliner” for prominent, notorious or repeat offenders.

Titus Balsac, for FUPTV, undercover in Wilsongrad.





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